SMO I COFFEE TIP (donation)

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Hi everyone.

My knowledge wouldn't be there without you all.

Thanks for all those nights, messages on Slack / Forums / Discord / Twitter as well as financial support via Gumroad.

It's been just 3 Years since i can enjoy the procedural tools in Modo and about 2 years that i'm selling my kits. I hope to continue on this way, so this page is dedicated to your donation to let me support and create new tools.

I've got to commit thousand updates, bugfix and new features along all the kits, many nights listening music and drinking coffee. I hope to continue doing that for you pleasure.

Give what you want, you're free to decide, along with the Preset orders.

Best regards, Franck

  • Thanks for you donation !

  • Thanks for you donation !
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SMO I COFFEE TIP (donation)

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