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MODO I SMO RizomUV Livelink Kit - for Modo 11.2 to 16.X

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MODO I SMO RizomUV Livelink Kit - for Modo 11.2 to 16.X

24 ratings

Christmas Gift.
I have the remarkable honor to turn this kit as a "Give what you want" mode. I decided to bring it to an even more larger audience, in order to support RizomUV and Modo Artists Community.

  • As an individual (Personal use, Freelance or Indie (under 100k$)) it's now free to use.
  • For any company you'll have to still buy it (25$ / license) in order to support the future developments and client support.


Hi Everyone,

I'm happy to release this kit to easily Send Model Data From Modo to RizomUV and get back the result in Modo for optimized UV Packing, Layout and UV Edit with Rizom Labs tools.

Release 2.1 - for Modo 11.2 to 14.2

Release 2.8 - for Modo 13.0 to 16.X

Update Log:

Release 2.8

  • MODO 16.0v3 Support and small bugfix in code
  • Added UV popup menu to the Vertex Maps under Info / Statistics to give access to commands more simply.
  • Bugfix on the smo.LL.RIZOMUV.Basic command that wasn't getting the right fbx settings. It should now export correctly to the user defined path without any issues.

Release 2.7

  • MODO 16.0v1 Support

Release 2.6

  • MODO 15.2v2 Support
  • RizomUV 2022.0 Support
  • Bugfix for those who also are using Vertex Normals maps in their workflow (like me). In any case the kit won't update in Modo you could still open the Temp FBX File in order to get back all the data from Materials to VNrm to UV's of course..
  • Addition of Pixel Margin / Spacing Mode On in Rizom UV Preferences Script.
  • Added support for material at Livelink Export to let you use materials for fast polygon selection in RizomUV


You need at least Modo 11.2v3 and be on Windows to run this kit (Mac is not supported actually) and of course you need to have a valid license of RizomUV Software to process the UV Data.

(At the first time you may need to select the Rizom UV executable if you've didn't install it on his default folder. then select the temp folder to export the fbx out)

As for every Product / Art piece / Assets that you do like everyone of us, please do not share those files, as you didn't want to see your work shared on internet without your permission. I'm sure you'll understand that point.


This kit and his content can be used for professional and personal usage as well. Feel free to send some link of stuff that you do with it. And please don't share any files from the kit with anyone.

If you have any comments on the showcase videos, please post your comment on Youtube / Slack or via Twitter and please subscribe and like videos on my Youtube channel.

Best regards.

Franck aka Smoluck

If you have any issue, please post your issue on the Foundry Forums:

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