MODO I SMO MATH TOOLS Kit - v1.03 for Modo 902 to 13.2

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PS: Refer to this link for Modo 14 compatibility update:

Hey everyone !

Let me present this new FREE Kit that expand your toolset when working under the Schematic.

Christmas BIG Gift Update

Now that the gifts are there; you can still donate at checkout or via the Coffee tip . It let you (yes i’m talking to you), dear faithful followers give me some support whenever you can and even after you’ve already purchased them.

In a long run it can be cumbersome to walk through all the menus to get a logic node, a function node or a simple basic math node. As i’ve buid up a lot of Meshops on the last year, i’ve decided to get this little Pie Menu to help you and me gain 5 to 10 Mins of browsing for those nodes each day. It keeps things tiddy, but if you prefer the Vertical or an Horizontal bar, it’s available too.

(>^.^)> this is my gift for you.

If you wonder to give me some bucks to support, i'll appreciate for sure. Otherwise don't worry. Keep in mind to share ideas with me to prepare the next update on this kit.

Also, remember to like and share our PixelFondue Videos and Pages with the community.

Best regards.

Franck aka Smoluck


This Kit will not being updated anymore. Refer to SMONSTER for new updates.


For all updated information please have a look:

  • On PixelFondue:

  • On the Foundry Forums:

  • Contact me on Twitter:

  • On the Foundry Slack server:


(you need at least Modo 902sp3 to run this kit)

For installation please you just have to drag and drop the LPK file into Modo to get the Kit installed automatically in the Content folder.

As for every Product / Art piece / Assets that you do like everyone of us, please do not share those files, as you didn't want to see your work shared on internet without your permission. I'm sure you'll understand that point.


This kit and his content can be used for professional and personal usage as well. Feel free to send some link of stuff that you do with it. And please don't share any files from the kit

It can be really a powerful motivation for me.


If you have any comments on the showcase videos, please post your comment on my Discord channel ( ) or via Twitter and please subscribe and like videos on my Youtube channel.

This product is not currently for sale.
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MODO I SMO MATH TOOLS Kit - v1.03 for Modo 902 to 13.2

4 ratings