MODO I MeshOps Total Pack v1 for Modo 12 to 13.2

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Hi everyone,

I'm so proud to release that sets of Meshops to you. They are not designed to be used for really specific work, but most of them are designed to improve your Procedural modeling workflow on a daily basis. Most of them could be used in animation context. i let you discover all those possibilities by yourself.

Christmas BIG Gift Update --- (original price of this Kit was at 10 $ )

Post your feedback here:

That kit may also help you take a dive deep into the creation process because all those meshOps comes in 3 flavors. As an LXP compiled meshops, as a Building scene, that let you for this last, see how the meshops have been build.

--------------------- Update v1: 2019/03/04 ---------------------

--------------------- Update v097: 2018/06/24 ---------------------


New MeshOps for Metal Square piece with Bend feature.

--------------------- Update v096: ---------------------

Fixed a compilation issue that occurred on previous release.

Now it's fully working on 12.0 and also on 12.1

When you update the kit:

Please delete the kit folder under your C:\Users\**YourName**\Documents\Luxology\Content\Kits. Do a backup of your preset if you need and drag and drop again that new LPK file.

There is a new PieMenu for easy User Channel creation via

Channel Swapper command from . [URL=""]Keith Kit[/URL]

press Ctrl+ Alt + i and you have access to 2 macro actually (i will maybe create a set of preset):

CS Recreate Div

CS Recreate & Reconnect


That Kit include:

-> 11 MeshOps Assembly Aliases (+2 coming soon)

-> 2 Utility Assembly.

-> sets of Icons for those presets.

-> Building scene.

-> Video presentation / manual for each MeshOps.

-> a new Layout based on MODO | MeshOps Assembly aliases: Part 1.

new in v097:

-> pie menu for easy user channel creation with Channel Swapper.


I know I can count on your expertise and your feedback. So please feel free to contact me if you encounter any issue.

Tested under Modo 12.0 to 12.1.

Most of the MeshOps works on 11.2 as well but for maximum compatibility you should get the latest Modo release.

(some meshops may not run under 10.X because of built-in meshops may not be present in modo 10.X release)


If you have the  MODO | MeshOps Assembly aliases: Part 1 this kit may overwrite it, so please be sure to backup it to save your stuff  in an archive. Then delete the old folder to prevent any issue, and so you will be able to add your own assembly presets back into that new SMO_AdvancedMeshOps folder.

The complete kit will include more mesh ops presets as time goes (at least 3 are in dev and coming in this month). Building Scene file, Video for usage on each preset will be include soon

As for every Product / Art piece / Assets that you do, please do not share those files, as you didn't want to see your work shared on internet without your permission. I'm sure you'll understand that point.


This kit and his content can be used for professional and personal usage as well. Feel free to send some link of stuff that you do with it. And please don't share any files from the kit.

It can be really a powerful motivation for me.

Best regards.

Franck aka Smoluck

<-------------------------------  Details  ------------------------------->

12 MeshOps Assembly Aliases:

-> SMO_ROUND_BAND (Work only on Modo 12.1)

New MeshOps for Metal Square piece with Bend feature.














2 Assembly Utility Node:


(at launch 2018 / 06 / 12)

This product is not currently for sale.


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MODO I MeshOps Total Pack v1 for Modo 12 to 13.2

10 ratings