MODO I Tim Crowson - TC PopUps for Modo 15.X to 16.X

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First of all.

Huge Thanks to Tim Crowson for his Popup kit, as i've used it a lot on Modo 901.

Its a great kit that he've made.

As the kit was not updated to work on Modo 15 and up release, i decided to update the code it and add some features. Tim gave me his agreement to update and share it here.

Simple Install:

  • Drag n Drop the LPK into Modo window, then restart Modo.

Top Menu Bar:

  • You can now access to a Web page that describe all the commands directly from the Kit via the DOCUMENTATION.
  • Now you can also set your own Keymaps in the same menu.


  • Tab under the schematic to add a desired node/item through Popup Menu List.
  • Ctrl + m to apply a Material through Popup Menu List.
  • Alt + F1 for every other context.
  • Alt + i to select a Channel input.

This is all Free. But keep in mind to give him a huge thanks for his work on LinkedIn and contribute if you will, for things that i've added to it.

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MODO I Tim Crowson - TC PopUps for Modo 15.X to 16.X

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