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Gumroad add a Rating System and upcoming kit.

Products on Gumroad can now be rated between 1 and 5.

Please give me your support and feedback on my products, as well as the rest of you library.

Supporting kit makers is really important to give us some feedback as well as new clients. It help us on ongoing development as well.

Spoiler alert: If you're on Game Content side, you will probably love the next kit i'm currently working on. hope 2019 will be as best as 2018. Stay tuned on my twitter page.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Franck Elisabeth (aka Smoluck)

For rating, simply access to your product page.

SMONSTER Kit - Update v3.65 - SOURCE Kit + TRAINING Kit

SMONSTER v3.X is now Free for Everyone, Freelance and Studios

SMONSTER Kit - Updated - v3.50

What a Milestone for me. 100 Users reached today. THANKS A LOT !

SMONSTER Kit - Updated - v3.200

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