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Modo 14.0 Launched - SMO Kit Compatibility is here too

Hi everyone.

With the official launch of Modo14.0v1 i could say that every Kits i've made are up to be used under the newest release of Modo.

Follow the link below to see ths video. It will just take you 5 mins to do the stuff. It's really simple !

Just grab the SMO_XXXXXX Folder related to SMO kits and you'll just have to edit the index.cfg file that will be available in the kit folder root.

then for instance, at line 2, make sure that it ends with and="rel[1499" and you'll be good to go:

<configuration kit="SMO_MATH_TOOLS" version="(Franck Elisabeth) 1.03" and="rel]900" and="rel[1499">


There is a new D I S C O R D link available. here, feel free to join.


Enjoy a great weekend, exploring the new features of Modo 14 via the link below.

Along with the new features, please remember that a lot of ongoing development are also involved in the TechDebt branch (as Shane says, not released yet), so please be sure that the Foundry team is working hard to make Modo more powerful than ever. Respect them, as they work for you to give you more freedom in your creative process. Even under the hood stuff is important for present and future release.

With the lock-down, you know more than ever how things take time and how linked we are even across the globe.

Take care, stay home.

Best regards, Franck

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