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MODO I CAD TOOLS Kit - 1.30 - for Modo 12.2v3 to 13.X UPDATED

Hi everyone.

----- Update 8 June 2019 ----- 1.30

Added the Help alternate command.

In most commands in the Main CAD Menu and other PieMenu.

To activate it, simply hold Shift key and click on any commands.

Except for pie menu, where this command is represented by a "?", the help is available that way.

Added the Audio Notification alternate command.

You'll access to it by holding the Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) key and clicking on the command in the Main CAD Menu.

It plays a 5 sec music at the end of the script process.

I's helpful for high detailed CAD Models where the cleanup Process might take few minutes to complete.

Consistency update and Bugfix:

Readme and Sample scenes are now integrated in the kit folder.


To Celebrate this update and the 1 Year of development anniversary,

it will now be at 10 $ for 1 week.

(till 16 June 2019.00:0 am KST)

Again thanks to everyone for the support in this adventure.

1Year Celebration Discount

1 Year Dev Anniversary Discount

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