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MODO I CAD TOOLS Kit (Beta 3) released

Hi, my dears Followers

SMO CAD TOOLS Kit is a set of tools designed to help cleaning meshes that comes from CAD data (for Modo 12.2 Beta4 Minimum).

(Till 31 October you will have a discount of 5$ on that kit for the launch)


It consist of 4 different categories of tools / scripts / macros:

CAD for Preparing and Cleaning data that comes from CAD files and simplify the workflow on this task.

REBEVEL for rebuilding existing bevels without changing their value and curvature. (Work on Quad polystrip only actually)

REBUILD CYLINDER to decrease existing tesselation of High poly selection of polygons along the 3 different axis. Perfect for reducing Polycount of a CAD mesh, to create a lower poly mesh for further use in MOP Booleans kit of William Vaughan for example or via the simple Boolean Tools that Modo include already.

REBUILD HOLE same as Rebuild Cylinder but for holes.

<------------------------------- Details ------------------------------->

CAD functions:

  • Cleanup sets of coplanar Triangles into Ngons on the 6 sides along World Axis (x+, x-, y+, y-, z+,z-). Reducing a lot of selection issue when dealing with surface that can be heavily triangulated. It lowers down the file size too, this way.
  • Detriangulate Preset action that is fine for most cases
  • Unmerge-Separate a mesh by separating pieces using Hard Edge Interpretation. Fine for separating part that are all connected, even if they didn't share the same shape characteristic.
  • Merge Items macro that glue all mesh again to reconnect them all. (Boundary edge weld technique)
  • Cut to new Mesh Item, for easily split parts and reorganize your polygons data.
  • Delete Edge in Poly Macro based on Face Angle with 3 presets: Works on Current poly selection only, Similar facing normal polygons that are touching, and similar on object

REBEVEL functions:

We all knows about the Unbevel macros from Seneca Menard, right (If not, you should). It's affine tool, but i've created mine in a different way to rebuild Bevels on demand, wile keeping also starting and ending Edge of the polystrip, as well as the Original Bevel Curvature. It works in all different orientation.

multiple Edge count preset are defined:

3 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 /28 / 32 Edges

(I've removed the 2 Edges preset due to bugs. I will maybe add it again in further release, but not sure.)


Recreate a Cylinder based on a Polygon selection. Maintaining the size and ratio of the original shape. Resulting Polygons are also added to a polygonal Selection Set to further select them quickly. Actually it only works on Selections of poly that are aligned on the World Axis so X Y and Z oriented Cylinders can be rebuild via a preset also.

multiple Edge count preset are defined:

6 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 Sides


Same concept as the Rebuild Cylinder tool but for Holes instead.


(you need at least Modo 12.2 Beta 4 : 522273 to run this kit to enjoy the Rebevel tool)

As for every Product / Art piece / Assets that you do, please do not share those files, as you didn't want to see your work shared on internet without your permission. I'm sure you'll understand that point.


This kit and his content can be used for professional and personal usage as well. Feel free to send some link of stuff that you do with it. And please don't share any files from the kit.

It can be really a powerful motivation for me.

If you have any comments on the showcase videos, please post your comment on Youtube / Slack or via Twitter and please subscribe and like videos on my Youtube channel.

Best regards.

Franck aka Smoluck

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