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MODO I Dmitry Bersenev Modollama 1.2 for MODO

Hi everyone.

I upload the Kit of Dmitry Bersenev because it is not even available on his own website

(To keep it alive for everyone who search for it, i decided to host it here, in order to preserve it to be deleted in the void of the web)

Again a Huge thanks to him for this Kit that i've used over the years.

I've especially used it for the Clean Smart Triangulation, but there is more tools in it.

For every greetings, please give him a little message via Linked or Twitter.


Refer to the Readme in the Archive.

Copy "modollama" folder to your user folder


Compatible from Modo 601 to 12.2


- Geometry -

Smart Triangulation

The script divides the selected polygons into triangles or all if no selection.

When it tries to keep the edges of the situation more adequately.

Only works in the selection of polygons.

To get more evenly spaced triangles and a more uniform triangulation without long and thin triangle, higher the Iteration a bit. It's slower than Modo triple, but the result is better.


Cut into pieces mesh (must be closed).

As the centers of the chunks may be used vertices not belonging to polygons.

- UV -

Bake Locators to UV

Bake procedural texture locators in to the UV map.

UV map is taken first on the list if there is none, it will be created.

Projections type support: Cubic, Planar, Spherical, Cylindrical.

Fit UV Island

Align UV vertices, based on close UV unselected geometry.

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