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MODO I POLY FUSE 2D for Modo 12.2 and Up

Hi everyone.

PolyFuse2D is a set of 3 meshops designed to create Outline based on Shape inputs, it's tailored to be used up to 64 Connected Islands of Polygons.

The Zip include:

-> 3 MeshOps Assembly Aliases

-> sets of Icons for those presets.

-> a test scene to start using the Meshops

It's on Discount at 6 $ during 48 h for celebrating the awesome Siggraph we've got this year.


You'll need to install my MeshOp Total Pack Kit to use those Meshops.

Simply Unzip the archive in the SMO_AdvancedMeshOps folder under the Kits folder.


I know I can count on your expertise and your feedback. So please feel free to contact me if you encounter any issue.

Tested under Modo 12.2 to 13.1 RC1.


You will need to install the MODO I MeshOp Total Pack to get the folder to structure. Multiple Folders will be merged into the hierarchy present in SMO_AdvancedMeshOps kit folder.

As for every Product / Art piece / Assets that you do, please do not share those files, as well as the scene that contain the Meshop as you didn't want to see your work shared on internet without your permission. I'm sure you'll understand that point.

Your support is powerful motivation for me.

Best regards.

Franck aka Smoluck

Get it on Discount here

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