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MODO I RizomUV Livelink 1.1.5 for MODO 11.2v3 and Up

Hi everyone.

Release V1.1.5 is out.

  • Now as Only one Action. No more complex macro and such.

If you prefer the older release, you still can use it. It's up to you.

Yes with that one button solution, you'll get less stress.

You simply have to get the same UVset on both Modo and Rizom UV to get the updated Data on the current UV Map. So for multiple UV map you just have to use the script 2 times for 2 UVset and so on.

(The first time you'll use that release you'll need to launch the script 2 times just to initialize. after it will be a straight process.)

  • That release work from Modo 11.2v3 to the current Modo 13 Public Beta
  • Structure of the Forms have been updated too to get a better organization under the Form Editor, in case you want to access to it and change some command.

Best regards, Franck

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