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MODO I SMO RizomUV Livelink Kit - Updated to v1.9.0

Hi everyone.

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Update 1.9.0:

  • MODO 14.0v2 Support
  • RizomUV 2020.0.88 - Support (Development Build). It may be prompt to crash, as the Dev build is well in development

By default the kit will search for RizomUV 2020 as the development build is now really stable.

If you still use older release, you will have to edit the py files under Luxology\Kits\SMO_RIZOMUV_LIVELINK\lxserv

Search for the line: default_path = 'C:\Program Files\Rizom Lab\RizomUV 201XX\\rizomuv.exe'

and edit this to your needs.

In order to update the kit correctly, delete the old folder SMO_RIZOMUV_LIVELINK and edit you Modo preference CFG file: MODO1X.X.CFG file in your Modo User Folder.

If any trouble have a look at this Video as reference:

Get the update

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