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MODO I SMO RizomUV Livelink Kit - v2.6 for Modo 13 to 15.2v2 - Updated - RizomUV 2022 support

Hi everyone,

After some time, i'm proud to give RizomUV 2022 support and various bugfix and improvement to the kit..

New update available on the Gumroad page. Remember that this kit is Free for Indie Artist. You can give some bucks again from the product page or the coffee tip if you want to bring your support. I'd appreciate for sure, so thanks again.

Best regards, Franck


Release 2.6 (only for Modo 13.0 to 15.X)

  • MODO 15.2v2 and Up Support
  • RizomUV 2022.0 Support
  • Bugfix for those who also are using Vertex Normals maps in their workflow (like me). In any case the kit won't update in Modo you could still open the Temp FBX File in order to get back all the data from Materials to VNrm to UV's of course..
  • Addition of Pixel Margin / Spacing Mode On in Rizom UV Preferences Script.
  • Added support for material at Livelink Export to let you use materials for fast polygon selection in RizomUV


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