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MODO I Tim Crowson - PopUps Updated with new Features and Modo 15 Compatibility

Hi everyone.

To celebrate the new MODO Public 15 Beta, i've updated Tim Crowson Kit for full compatibility.

It took me some time over the weekend, but here it is (v2.1.1).

Older kit for Modo 901 to 14.2 also got updated with the same new Features as this new one (v1.1.1).

Simple Install:

  • Drag n Drop the LPK into Modo window, then restart Modo.

Top Menu Bar:

  • You can now access to a Web page that describe all the commands directly from the Kit via the DOCUMENTATION.
  • Now you can also set your own Keymaps in the same menu.


  • Tab under the schematic to add a desired node/item through Popup Menu List.
  • Ctrl + m to apply a Material through Popup Menu List.
  • Alt + F1 for every other context.
  • Alt + i to select a Channel input.

As Usual this is all Free.

But keep in mind to give him a huge thanks for his work on LinkedIn and contribute if you will, for things that i've added to it.

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