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SMO CAD TOOLS Kit - 1.16 Update

Hi Everyone.

You will enjoy this new Release. Now with UNDO Support ! and more tools.

I apologize, I couldn't speak during the presentation, as everyone was sleeping at home 8^D.

Quick Presentation video here:

------- Update 14 April 2019 -----

  • Rebuild With Hole and Cylinder (Closed) - now support UNDO, as well as processing is faster.
  • Rebuild With Cube also is now available. It works the same way as the other Rebuild With command.
  • Also the Cleanup NGON on X Y Z - now Support UNDO and it's also processing Faster.
  • New Rebuild Triangulated Ring: Flat and Round
  • Rebevel by user Count - now Support UNDO

(I have to get the support of Undo on the Rebevel command for the Presets. It's on my ToDoList.)

Best regards, Franck.

Get the 1.16 Update !

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