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SMO GAME CONTENT Kit - New In Depth Video about CFG Files

Hi everyone.

Today, i've made a 45mins video in order to talk more further about the Preferences set via the CFG Files. This video will only be available to Kit owners from the Gumroad product page.

You will learn, how to access to them, modify them to your needs and this way have a better understanding on how you can adapt the kit to your workflow.

Talking about:

  • Preferences
  • Keymap
  • Tools Keymap

(Due to a bug in After Effect, i couldn't edit that video the way i wanted, so i give you the rough file instead.

I apologize for this loss of polish but i'm sure it can be useful for your understanding of Modo.

I hope you'll still enjoy it anyway. I'll let you informed when i 'll redo it.)

Please give me some feedback to tell if something is still obscure in the kit.

Best Regards, Franck.

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