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SMO GAME CONTENT Kit - Updated - v1.99 - for Modo 12 to 13.X

Hello Everyone.

The New Release is Live on Gumroad.

I should probably recall it 2.0 soon as there is loads of new tools, and after maybe some Documentation improvement.

It's a free update as usual for current owner. I hope you'll like the new tools.

  • Smart UV Tools
  • Item Color Bar
  • Baking Scripts
  • MeshOp Rig Export to OBJ Sequence
  • Match Item Pos/Rot/Scl
  • Vertical Menu
  • And more scripts/improvement/bugfix all across the kit.

Please share the news over Social Networks (Facebook / Twitter) to your friends to sustain further developments. And give me your feedback on Discord / Slack or on Forums:

Again, thanks for your support over the years. Feel free to show that this ToolKit is not ONLY for GAME CONTENT, as it deserve so much things in many different areas.

I will maybe rename it soon as SMO Master Kit. Let me know what you think about that idea.

Best Regards, Franck

(aka Smoluck)


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