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SMONSTER Kit & CLUB Membership - for MODO 13 and Up

Hi everyone.

With a new year comes new challenges.

In the last 2 years, I've released around 13 products, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Modo community. I've Updated almost every kit during that time and things got more complex and harder to manage as separate products for various Modo release. I also wanted tools to have more interaction and work in a symbiotic way.

So the decision was made to regroup them all in a Master Kit Compilation thus the SMONSTER CLUB Membership was born.

Since I always released new stuff and bugfix over their life, it makes sense also to get a sustained support to build them up. A consolidated, easy to install and up to date Kit that can help you on a daily basis in various area like it does for me.

Since I want you to get involved in a long term period, I’ve decided to propose an Annual Membership (only). You will still be able to pay just for 3 or 6 months but then the price will be higher in order to skip any short rush needs. I'm asking for long term support in order to get things done in an intuitive and well-designed way. This membership will automatically stop after the first and only one year of this membership, so you will not being charged more at the end. It will be totally up to you to renew your support.

SMONSTER Kit & Club Membership - For Modo 13 and Up is live on Gumroad.

20 % discount to the first 50 Owners following the link below.

Best regards. Take care.

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