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SMONSTER Kit & CLUB Membership - Rev 53 Update

Hi everyone.

I continue refining and upgrading the tools as you can see, thanks to our little Monsters on Slack.

Be sure to check your Emails and especially the one linked to your Gumroad account, as you may have some good surprise.

Best regards, Franck


Rev53 - 2020/05/13

  • Fixed wrong folder address for icons referencing (in SMO UV Kit)
  • RizomUV Offline bridge updated (in SMO RIZOMUV_LiveLink Kit)
  • Bugfix on RizomUV LL to use only FBX 2013 for all Import / Exports from whatever Modo release to fix incompatibility (in SMO RIZOMUV_LiveLink Kit)
  • Started to update MeshopsAssAliases (in SMO MESHOPS Kit)
  • Fixed Issue and separate Meshops Assembly Aliases in 2 folders v1 and v2 (in SMO MESHOPS Kit)
  • Added the Option in UV Kit to Pack in the Main Zero / One Area via User Prefs (in SMO UV Kit)
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What a Milestone for me. 100 Users reached today. THANKS A LOT !

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