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SMONSTER (Kit Only) Launch day - revision 130 - for MODO 13 and Up

Dear Followers,

I've listen to you and decided to release the SMONSTER (Kit only) as one time purchase at 50$.

I hope you appreciate the gesture.

Since the launch of SMONSTER CLUB Membership, i've identified, that part of my followers wasn't happy to see me moving to an Annual Subscription way. I'was asking for long term support in order to get things done in an intuitive and well-designed way, so the subscription was a good decision. By far the involved members have been really helpful during the last 2 month of the release.

By the way to sustain the development i decided (in agreement with current Members of the Club) to release also this a unique Kit set via a regular one time purchase.

Kit Included in a completely rebuild fashion through this SMONSTER Kit:

  • MIFABOMA (v 1.90)
  • COLOR BAR (v 1.30)
  • QUICK TAG (v 1.0)
  • CLEANUP (v 1.25)
  • UV (v 1.32)
  • GAME CONTENT (v 3.22)
  • MASTER (v 1.0)
  • MATH TOOLS (v 1.10)
  • CAD TOOLS (v 1.70)
  • RIZOMUV LiveLink (v 2.0)
  • MESHOPS (Total Pack v1 + v2 + POLY FUSE 2D) (v 2.10)
  • Lifetime Free updates and bugfix.
  • New integrated Help system within the kit.
  • (it does not include the features of the CLUB MEMBERSHIP: access to Beta Kit such as AI, VENOM and PCLOUD and a dedicated Private Slack Server)

Best regards, Franck

Get SMONSTER (Kit only) here.

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