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SMONSTER Kit - Update v3.65 - SOURCE Kit + TRAINING Kit

Hi everyone.

Today, it's been necessary to split the Training Data from the original Smonster kit, cause Gumroad doesn't let me share more than 250mb on a product that is Free.

New SMONSTER consist of the SOURCE Kit + TRAINING Kit as 2 zip archive.

  • SMONSTER TRAINING Kit is now a separate kit. It contain all the training files.
  • It is important to install it each time you have to check for new Features or for debug, we have to find the culprit of a bug.
  • It lower down the amount of files installed for SMONSTER if you already know how to use it.
  • For new users i highly suggest installing that Training Kit in order to follow YT Tutorials better.

This release 3.65 also comes with new functions for Replace by Copy/Instance that lets you have a temp mesh output as a Guide to check if the process was matching the input Meshes data.

SMONSTER Kit v3.65


v3.65 - 2022/08/15

  • SMO GC - Replace by Instance (From selected targets, create a copy or an instance of the last selected Mesh, with or without a Guide Mesh.)
  • Exposition of the AI and PCLOUD kit. Bugfix on exposed files.
  • Separated older Training Files / Scene / Data from previous Smonster Release.


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What a Milestone for me. 100 Users reached today. THANKS A LOT !

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