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SMONSTER Kit - Updated - v3.1

Hi little monsters.

In order to celebrate the launch of the Major New release of MODO 16 here is a new update to Smonster Kit. (Of course it's a free update for current v1 to v3 owners)

Take care everyone and have an inspiring weekend.

Franck Elisabeth

Grab the update HERE !

---- UPDATES LOG ----
v3.1 - 2022/04/28


  • New Command --> smo.GC.SplitByPart
  • New Command --> smo.GC.SplitByMaterial
  • New Command --> smo.GC.PlasticityPrepareMeshes (Command to preprocess data from OBJ import from Plasticity. Cleanup Meshes data from Plasticity creating Polygons Parts, Unwraped UVMaps and Merging Solid items.)
  • Bugfix on smo.GC.EdgeSlideProjectToBG command that wasn't releasing the EdgeSlide tool at the end of his execution.
  • Bugfix Switching to AVP Shading Style (The view should now not be offset or reset in terms of Point of view).


  • Introduced functions to process the color ID attribution Scene Wide and / or even By Mesh Islands (Polygon Continuity)
  • New Command --> smo.QT.Batch.SetSelSetColorIDRandomConstant (Set a random Diffuse Color override using Selection Set (polygons) and Constant item. It can runs over Selected Meshes or SceneWide, By Items or by Polygon Islands.)
  • New Command --> smo.QT.SetSelSetColorIDByMeshIslands (Set a Diffuse Color override using Selection Set (polygons) on the selected Mesh Layers by Polygons Continuity (Islands). Named the new Mat using "ColorID" as Prefix.)
  • Bugfix on the main command that where not processing the data correctly with specific user scene behavior.


  • Bugfix on UnwrapCylindrical to disable Auto RelaxUV Island if the Unwrap Rectangle was True and AutoRelax was True, in order to keep Rectangle result in output.


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