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SMONSTER Kit - Updated - v3.200

Hi little monsters.

Here is a new update to Smonster Kit.

Take care everyone and have an inspiring week.

Franck Elisabeth

Grab the update HERE !


v3.20 - 2022/05/10


  • Fixed an issue with Error message populating the Event Log, while using the smo.GC.SetNewMaterialSmartRename command as well as the Quick Tag - Set Mat Color ID commands.
  • (Remap the SMO GAME CONTENT MainKeymaps as the smo.GC.SetNewMaterialSmartRename now need a Boolean Argument at the end. --> "smo.GC.SetNewMaterialSmartRename 1" to show Modo Color Picker at launch)


  • Solved a regression with latest update on Batch - Set Mat Color ID commands
  • If the Color ID command is used while in Item Mode, it will switch back to item mode, after running it.


  • Added Rename Vertex Normal Map by Modo Default name for imported FBX files --> ( FBX_normals)
  • Changed the Popup menu UI layout for better functions discoverability


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