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SMONSTER Kit - Updated - v3.50

Hi little monsters.

here it comes:
New improved GC Kit for Micro Beveled and Weighted Normal workflow.
redesigned and polished UV kit with new icons and bugfixes
more Cleanup commands to refine your imported and scene data
Support of Solidworks File import in the Batch Kit

For more details / videos, on those new tools, here is the Forum thread.

Take care everyone and have an inspiring week.

Franck Elisabeth

Grab the update HERE !

For those who are missing the Modollama Kit from Dmitry Bersenev.
It is available with updated code from Modo 601 to 16.X in order to use it as well in smo.GC.ModollamaRebuildNGontoTriangle command.

v3.50 - 2022/06/20


  • Update on FBX Preset Pop Up Menu to expose more options.
  • New Command --> smo.GC.ConvertToHardEdgeWorkflowUsingGeoBoundaryAsHardEdge

(On current Mesh item, convert Shading Method to HardEdge Workflow using geometry boundary as "HardEdge" and set all other Edges as "Smooth".)

  • New Command --> smo.GC.ExportMeshAsMeshPreset

(Export current Mesh As MeshPreset LXL file into Target Path. (optional: Define Path destination as argument))

  • New Command --> smo.GC.ExportSelectedMeshesAsMeshPreset

(Export Selected Meshes As MeshPreset LXL file into Target Path. (optional: Define Path destination as argument))

  • New Command --> smo.GC.CreateEmptyChildMeshMatchTransform

(Create a new child Mesh Item (empty) on current selected mesh item.)

  • New commands for MicroBevel Workflow:
  • New Command --> smo.GC.SimplifyToNGon & smo.GC.MultiSimplifyToNGon

(Merge every polygons that have same coplanar polygon direction to simplify a given set of meshes. Via argument you can also update the HardEdges data for a better end result.)

  • New Command --> smo.GC.MicroBevelHardEdgesAndUpdateToSoften & smo.GC.MultiMicroBevelHardEdgesAndUpdateToSoften

(Micro Bevel HardEdges (usually after a SimplyToNgon), then Soften all edges.)

  • New Command --> smo.GC.ModollamaRebuildNGontoTriangle & smo.GC.MultiModollamaRebuildNGontoTriangle

(Rebuild all NGons via Modollama Triangulation command to output Triangles.)

  • Bugfix on smo.GC.RenderThumbPreset


  • PopUp menu updated
  • New Command --> smo.CLEANUP.ConvertAllSolidWorksShape

(Search for all Solidworks Shape Items in the scene and convert them to regular Meshes. Delete the empty meshes in the process as well.)

  • New Command --> smo.CLEANUP.CleanupSolidWorksImport

(Cleanup SolidWorks Import (from McMaster Website Data) in order to save a new scene with only one Mesh item of the imported asset. It will also convert the VertexNormals Data to HardEdgeWorkflow if needed.)

  • New Command --> smo.CLEANUP.DelEverythingExceptMeshes

• (Select everything in the current scene, except Meshes items and delete all other items / materials. It unparent in place the current Meshes to preserve their position in space in case they were part of a hierarchy.)

  • New Command --> smo.CLEANUP.RemoveAllPartTags

(Check for all Meshes in the current scene remove any part tags in it.)

  • New Command --> smo.CLEANUP.DelPreTransform

(Freeze Scale transform of all meshes in scene but if there is instances, it retain Instances scale to 100 percent or -100 percent as well.)

  • Bugfix smo.CLEANUP.RenameUVMapToDefaultSceneWise - (That command now create an empty UV map if one is missing using Default UVMap name from Preferences)


  • PopUp menu updated
  • Support for SLDPRT added as Input file format (CAD file - Solidworks)


  • Menu and Icons (Big UI refresh)
  • Bugfix (Get UVMap Count argument not correctly exposed. It adds also a 4th argument to deselect all maps except UV maps)


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