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SMONSTER (rev 416) Update - for MODO 13 to 15.X

Hi, my little monsters.

Modo 15 Beta 1 Compatibility --> ENGAGED !

New Release rev 416.

I will show off the new features during this week on Youtube, so please Subscribe.

Have a good day, Take care.

Franck Elisabeth

SMONSTER Club Members can get the update here.

SMONSTER (Kit Only) Owners can get the update here.

Rev 416 - 2021/02/24


  • Compatibility upgrade to 15.X release (this include the current Public Beta).
  • Full Support of the kit in both Python 2X and Python 3.X mode.
  • Added CmdList.txt to get the full list of commands available.
  • Added SmonsterKitUpdateLog.docx and UpdateLog.txt to get the full log of updates.


  • Added a new Bar for setting Locator Shapes. Available via "Shift - f8".


  • Now option to Create and Set automatically a Mikk Tangent Space map at export.


  • Bugfix on NormalMap effect mode. Now it switch directly to Normalmap after bake is done.
  • Bugfix on Popover Tail Menu.
  • Bugfix on still present Keymap.cfg even if Keymap Commander was introduced.
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