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SMONSTER Update (rev 190) - for MODO 13 and Up

Hi everyone !

Happy to be back to development after the some injuries in the family. Hopefully it goes well from now and i'm back in line with less stress. Thanks again for your kind message. My wife appreciate that a lot as well as me.

Ok so today you have 2 great new stuff on the Menu.

  • SMO VeNom Kit release
  • SMO Marmoset Toolbag Livelink release (as beta)

SMONSTER Club Members can get the update here.

SMONSTER (Kit Only) Owners can get the update here.

Hope you appreciate. Take care.

Franck Elisabeth

Update Log:

rev 190 - 2020/09/12

  • SMO VeNom Kit released (use it in 14.1 for full support) (14.0 and Older Modo release will not support "Undo" and will cause modo to crash)
  • Added the SMONSTER Top Menu to get quick access to some menus without viewing the Modo Tail Kit bar.
  • (with Documentation and Training Scenes for Kit learning and debug test.)
  • Update on Icons.
  • Bugfix on 14.1 that was asking for confirmation on few Scripts where a delete procedure was included.
  • Update UV Seam Cut Map toggle added to Preferences.
  • Support for multiple UV Maps on every Unwrap tools (Planar / Cylindrical / Unwrap)
  • Bug fix in UV Tools.

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