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SMONSTER Update (rev 300) - for MODO 13 and Up

Hi everyone !

it's Christmas time !

A lot of good stuff for those who likes Kitbash and Batch processing files, Baking and Marmoset (v3 and v4) for this new update.

  • For everyone the entry price to get Smonster have been increased to 60 $ (Perpetual License) due to all the addition during this year.
  • For the current Owners, i'd like to thank you all for the support and Feedback.
  • If you like those new features, please give me a coffee tip down on this page i always appreciate that.

SMONSTER Club Members can get the update here.

SMONSTER (Kit Only) Owners can get the update here.

Best regards. Take care.

Franck Elisabeth

Update Log:

rev 300 - 2020/12/16

New BATCH Kit:

  • Command to RenameMeshesBySceneName
  • Command to ConvertSceneToXFiles
  • Batch Process to convert Data from various file format (DXF, FBX, LXO, OBJ, SVG)
  • 20 Customizable command lines for more flexibility
  • Overview Video here.

New BAKE Kit:

  • Command for creating Low and High Poly mesh pairs.
  • Command for creating a Cage Export ready group of meshes.
  • Command for creating Freezing the Highpoly Subdiv or Catmull-Clark Polys.
  • Presets for Edge Padding to quick access before Bake.
  • Overview Video here.

Marmoset Toolbag LiveLink Kit:

  • Rebuild the command from scratch to make it more flexible and robust.
  • Automatic export of Low / High / Cage meshes to setup bakes in Toolbag and get back the textures in Modo to check the result.
  • Automatic Freeze of the Highpoly Subdiv or Catmull-Clark Polys on export
  • Overview Video here.


  • Centralization of all Smonster Commands in order to let them be used in any sub-category Kits (whenever they are loaded or not).
  • Renaming of few commands to get more consistency across all kits.
  • Externalized the Copy/Paste preferences out of the Kit, in order to let users define their own workflow settings.
  • Corrected Color Bar kit. Now it doesn't show up a runtime error in event log when used.
  • BugFix on tail menu icons, organization and labels
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