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SMONSTER Update - (rev 387) - for MODO 13 to 15.X

Hi everyone !

Here is a new update (rev 387) with:

  • introduction of the new Keymapping System for easy Keymap management.
  • support of Meshops and MeshFusion for Marmoset Livelink (HighPoly)
  • bugfix
  • and new enhancements to the Presets library, with quick Optimized and handy commands and Create Thumbnail Render on current selected Preset.

Have a good week, take care.


SMONSTER Club Members can get the update here.

SMONSTER (Kit Only) Owners can get the update here.


(I'd appreciate a lot if you (owners) can give your Stars Rating over SMONSTER via your library page. It helps giving an appreciation of the Kit, and bring more visibility to the public.)

Update Log:

rev 387 - 2021/02/06


  • New checkup procedure at Modo launch to see if you've updated the Kit recently.
  • All new Input Remapping Menu to manage your Hotkeys for all Smonster's kits via the SMONSTER Top Menu
  • Uncheck the checkbox in prompt menu to be sure the kit will not erase your remapping if desired.
  • Set all the Smonster Default Hotkey in one click.

Marmoset Toolbag LiveLink:

  • Bugfix and Support now for HighPoly created via MehsFusion and/or Meshops setup. Smonster now Freeze the result for export, but preserve the scene state.
  • Added function to add a Position/Rotation Constraint to HighPoly mesh item (driven by LowpPoly mesh item) for ease update.


  • New AttachScriptToPreset features to let you create optimized Mesh Presets library.
  • New Render Thumbnail for Mesh Preset with a Built-in scene with Dynamic Scaled Grid.
get your update here:

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