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SMONSTER V2 - 1st Year Anniversary - 2 Versions and New Price

Hi little monster.

To celebrate the anniversary of another new year of development of my Kits and the 1st year for Smonster (April 2020-April 2021), i decided to merge the 2 branches and turn to the Future.
(Current Smonster owners should have received the Gift in their Emails and on their Gumroad account.)

SMONSTER V2 is a Kit Compilation that bring you powerful new tools to Modo.

It include 13 Standard Kits and 3 Livelink Kits to simplify integration of other software within Modo and improve your workflow. As usual, more functions and kits will be added to it over time.

2 Versions available:

• STANDARD ---> 30$

• SOURCE -------> 60$

(SOURCE include the Standard version + Source Code of custom Commands in Python for learning purpose only. Code include comments.)

Hope you enjoy.

Take care.



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