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SMONSTER V2 Kit - Updated - 2.565

Hi little monsters.

I hope you're enjoying those nice and warm days. Wish you great moments with family and friends.

Take a look a the latest release of Smonster.

best regards,Franck


v2.565 - 2021/05/27


  • Right Click Context Menu now have more sub-commands Filtered for each component mode:
  • --> MIFABOMA Commands
  • --> Merge Vertex (by distance preset)
  • --> Edge Collapse
  • --> Modollama Triple (by iterations count preset)
  • Addition of Context Menu in Viewport Context Menu (Right click in viewport empty space).


  • RebuildWithCylinder Side Count by User was added in the Pie Menus (via Axes Icons).
  • Rebevel now support Reference System.
  • Rebevel Bugfix when Meshes that got triangle Poly in the surrounding area around The processed selection.
  • Smart Rebuild With Cylinder Added for better shape handling (Regular Radius Support). (RebuildWithCylinder command have been removed).
  • Copy / Cut to Child Mesh command Rework with Select Coplanar Modes and dedicated Pie Menu / Icons


  • MoveRotateCenter wrapped command added that wasn't supporting ReferenceSystem.
  • Fullscreen ToggleCommand added.
  • Bugfix on Radial Array with World Mode in Component Mode.
  • Bugfix on Mirror that wasn't saving user settings.
  • FlipOnAxis now support VertexNormalMap and update it.

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