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SMONSTER V2 Kit - Updated - 2.583 --> GC kit polishing

Hi little monsters.

I was on fire to update and refine tools, but here is a new update as a polished pass on GAME CONTENT kit.

The next one will come in about 3-4 Weeks, as i want to show off the kit in action, through out more videos on my YT.

Take Care, everyone.



v2.583 - 2021/06/03


  • smo.GC.Unbevel Command added.
  • smo.GC.Setup.MoveRotateCenterToSelection Command added with 3 Modes Supported.
  • smo.GC.MOD.MeshCleanup Command added.
  • smo.GC.MOD.MeshCleanup with Optional Merge/Triple (that Remove Colinear Vertex mode, useful on Text characters).
  • Added Select CoPlanar Menu to SMO GC PM (Pie Menu) and VM (vertical Menu) --> Select Section
  • CENTER related Scripts are now Wrapped commands and they support Reference System state.
  • Updated all the CENTERS Forms.
  • AVP_GAME Shading Preset (Reduced the Wireframe Opacity back to 50% as it was too contrasted at 100 / 70 %).

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