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SMONSTER V2 Kit - Updated - 2.600

Hi little monsters.

Celebrating the release of Modo 15.1 Public Beta with a new update on Smonster V2 that of course support it.

Take care everyone.



v2.600 - 2021/06/16


  • Saved Edge Knife Remapping for further use in coming Modo 15.1. C Key in Conmponent Mode
  • Saved Channel Haul Remapping for further use in coming Modo 15.1. G key in global Mode
  • Added Preferences Settings for Meshops Deferred Evaluation.


  • Set back the Polyfuse 2D Meshop assembly Aliases to Meshops Presets V2.


  • Added "Select Coplanar Touching 2 Deg + Expand" in Pie Menu Form (for Mid Poly UV Mapping)
  • Adding "Select Coplanar on Object + Expand" in Pie Menu Form
  • Bugfix on Smart Unwrap , when Edge Mode was used, the script wasn't repositioning the UVs in 0-1 Space when "Auto Relocate" option was False
  • Bugfix on UnwrapCylindrical that now use Auto Relax and Auto Orient
  • Bugfix in forms (tooltips)
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