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SMONSTER V2 Kit - Updated - 2.610

Hi little monsters.

New update that let's you define if you want the new Modo Keymap behavior introduced in Modo15.1 Beta or the Classic one.
It add also a new command to create automatically Camera Match Setup from a photo jpg folder (setting resolution and Exif settings like Focal length)

Take care everyone.



v2.610 - 2021/06/25


  • Rewrite the Remapping Information in all KeymapCommander Remapping Dialog.


  • Modo 15.1 KeymapCommander added to set back Original Modo behavior, even if new features like Mini-Properties have been added.
  • --> Global and Item Mode -> C = Channel Haul
  • --> view3DOverlay3D and Component Mode -> C = Edge Knife
  • --> view3DOverlay3D and Component Mode -> Shift-C = Poly Knife
  • --> view3DOverlay3D and Component Mode -> Alt-C = Poly Loop Slice
  • --> Global and ContextLess -> SpaceBar = Original Modo Behavior
  • --> Global and ContextLess -> Shift-SpaceBar = Mini-Properties Popover
  • Set the Copy/Paste PieMenu remapping to Main Remapping (will appear only in ComponentMode via Ctrl + Shift + C)
  • smo.QuickCreateCameraMatchSetup command added. (to set up Camera Match from a set of JPG Images (found in defined Folder)
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