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SMONSTER V2 Kit - Updated - 2.626

Hi little monsters.

New update giving more flexibility while working with MicroBevel workflow in UV Kit, as well as better support on Livelinks.
Special mention to Marmoset Toolbag 4.03 Update that now gives us access to PerPixelSampling and other refinements.

It add access to the last batch command from Smonster TopMenu to create automatically Camera Match Setup from a photo jpg folder (setting resolution and Exif settings like Focal length) smo.QuickCreateCameraMatchSetup

Take care everyone.



Last Update Log:

v2.626 - 2021/07/18


  • Added option to Auto bake AOF (Floor) map (only available in Marmoset Toolbag 4.03)
  • Added option to define AO/Thickness RaySample count in preferences "Bake settings" --> (128 , 256, 512, 1024, 2048)
  • Added option to define PerPixelSampling count in preferences "Bake settings" --> (1X , 4X, 16X)
  • Maps list completely driven by Preferences in Modo to save out unwanted maps to be written in bake folder.


  • Added support for material at Livelink Export to let you use materials for fast polygon selection in RizomUV


  • UV Kit now support Micro Bevel Workflow by letting you use Auto Expand Option on SmartUnwrap and PlanarUnwrap
  • Added 2 Toggles to Main UV Pie menu to switch Auto Hide Unwrapped Poly and Auto Expand Poly
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