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SMONSTER V2 Kit - Updated - 2.674

Hi little monsters.

I'm thrilled to offer you this Major update to the kit.
Lots of new improvements in various areas as well as bug-fixes.

Also, I want to celebrate our 75th Members milestone on this Kit, after about 20 Months of regular development.
Thank everyone for all the support and feedback along the years.

Take care everyone.



Last Update Log:

v2.674 - 2021/10/19


Documentation WebLinks and Dedicated Menu are stored as a unique Kit now. --> SMO_DOC


Update on Documentation.

New Command to open Youtube Video links using User preferences (Resolution)


Added an Option in Preferences to Convert All Meshes Item to Static Meshes when Ouputing Data to LXO File.



- Create a New Material Tag

- Rename the Material Layer in Shader Tree according to Group Material name with a Suffix (suffix defined in Prefs, as well as Separator based on Modo Index Style Prefs).

- Set the Shading Model via Preferences / SMO GC Options (Traditionnal, Energy Conserving, Physical Based, Principled, Unreal, Unity, glTF, AxF)

- Color Constant Override for Unreal, Unity, glTF, AxF to get correct color in Viewport (if needed via option)

- This command is assigned to "M" Key (via a oneclick form).

Meshops Popup form is now filtering available Meshops relative to your current Selection type (Vertex / Edge / Polygon / Item)

Finaly exposed that new Command: smo.GC.Setup.OffsetCenterPosPreserveInstancesPos that let you redifine Center Position on selected Mesh Item, but preserve the Instances Positions in Worldspace. (Useful for CAD)

Rewrite the Add Meshop Command to automatically arrange nodes when created.

Updated the AVP Game viewport Preset (Independent Rotation, Position and Scale are now enabled).

Bugfix for QuickCreateCameraMatcherScene to not be Case Sensitive (both .jpg and .JPG are now supported).

AVP Game viewport Preset are now loaded according to yourModo Version. It will solve issue with post 15.0 Presets.

AVP Game viewport Preset is now set to Progressive Antialiasing by default via Numpad 6 Key.


Bugfix when working on meshes that was having more than one Rotation Transform items (FBX coming from other package like 3DSMax or Blender for instance)

Bugfix That now allows to Update/Overwrite existing Vertex Normal Data.

Bugfix to let User define their own VMap name.


Bugfix for Mirror Tool in Polygon Mode under Modo 15.1 and up. (Invert Polygons option have opposite behavior now)


Added Option for Rebuild Polystrip to work on Circle (Closed Loop). (using 2nd argument to define if it's working for a closed Polystrip)


Addition of Pixel Margin / Spacing Mode On in Rizom UV Preferences Script.

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