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SMONSTER V2 Kit - Updated - 2.680

Hi little monsters.

I'm glad to offer you this Minor update to the kit.
Some requested new features and bug-fixes.

Take care everyone.



Last Update Log:

v2.680 - 2021/10/22


  • PieSwitcher pie menu added for Viewport Borders management.

  • smo.Cleanup.RenameUVMapToDefaultSceneWise added (Check for all Meshes in the current scene and rename their First UVMap (by Index = 0) to Modo/Preferences/Defaults/Application name.)

  • Bugfix on OpenTrainingScene Command and Forms.

  • Bugfix Forms for Keymapping in GC Kit.

  • Bugfix on FullscreenMode command.


  • Added Support for All exposed Inputs and Outputs.

  • Bugfix on OBJ to OBJ and OBJ to FBX.

  • Added New Preset to Reset Center of Meshes OBJ and convert then to FBX.

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