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SMONSTER V2 Kit - Updated - 2.722 - Project'N Fuse command

Hi little monsters.

Here is a new update with bugfix and tools update to the Kit.
Introducing the Project n Fuse command
No more floating or intersecting tubes or any shapes. It can even works on multiple edge boundaries at same time.

Take care everyone.


v2.722 - 2021/12/08
• Added 3 new commands to Edge Context Menu
• smo.GC.StraightenEdgeBoundary: It flatten the selected Edge Boundary to fix squeezed profile.
• smo.GC.FixVertexWithNullVNormData. It fix missing VertexNormals on a given mesh.
• smo.GC.EdgeBoundaryProjectToBGnFuse. It extend the current Opened Boundary Edge Loop to nearest BG Mesh using BG Constraint.
     Then it inset out the resulting Polygon and Edge Bevel it + applying a VertexNormalTransfer to fuse the border with BG Mesh normals.

• smo.GC.ChamferEdgeByUnit count is now exposed in the Preferences tab. it affect as wel the smo.GC.EdgeBoundaryProjectToBGnFuse accordingly.

• Exposed the Show / Hide VNormal Vectors in the Tail Menu as well as in preferences.

Get the latest Build. - 2.722


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