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SMONSTER V2 Kit - Updated - 2.755

Hi little monsters.

I'm so proud to release this new update for Smonster.

It brings up new commands for ColorID management (YT Video) for you bakes on both High and LowPoly,
as well as improvement tool for workflow with UDIM for Unity.

Unity doesn't support UDIM natively (at least in Unity 2020).
But i have a Solution for those who like to do textures work in UDIM Mode in SubstancePainter.
It create Multiple Materials based on UDIM to let them be used in Unity, all in a blink of an eye (relative to the speed of your PC of course).

Take care,

v2.755 - 2022/01/21


  • Whole new commands added:

  • Set ColorID (by SelectionSet and Constant item override) ---> For ColorID Bakes from LowPoly.

    • ---> That system doesn't mess up the Material attribution and only add modification via Constant item override and Poly SelectionSet.

    • ---> Those resulting Meshes can be exported as FBX and Retain Color in Diffuse.

    • ---> ColorID tags are unique Scenewise and MeshWise, so now you can't have one polygon that share more than one ColorID. It prevent layout issue in Shader Tree.

  • Set ColorID (by Material Tags) ---> For ColorID Bakes from HighPoly.

    • ---> Usually outside of Modo, like in Substance Painter or Marmoset Toolbag.

    • ---> Those resulting Meshes can be exported as FBX and Retain Color in Diffuse.

  • You can recall any existing Color ID you create to override existing one, via a Gang Menu of 17 Color ID Presets (from 0 to 16)

  • You can assign any existing Color ID by a User input value in a Pop window.

  • Thanks to user feedback, i've set the first 0 to 16 ColorID with ItemColorCoding inside the ShaderTree, as well as fixed colors.

  • Passed ID #16, it will create random Color each time you create a new one.


  • New smo.GC.UDIMtoMaterial command to convert a Unique Material assignation to a set of Multiple Materials tag, for easy export of UDIM ready Meshes (created via Substance Painter for instance) to Unity Engine.

  • This command use this argument setup:

  • smo.GC.UDIMtoMaterial {Material Name} {UDIM Start ID} {UDIM END ID}

  • Polygon and Edge (right click) Context Menu now have a Chamfer by User Value command for custom size.

Get the latest Build. - 2.755


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