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SMONSTER V2 Kit - Updated to 2.473

Hi little monsters.

Just a little post to say that a new update is available on Gumroad (including all the new tools showcased on forums and slack).

Glad you enjoy the tools.
best regards,Franck


v2.473 - 2021/04/18


  • Added new command to Set All Smonster Keymaps To True (Set to Default Keymaps)


  • New command added via Right Click Item Context Menu:
  • SoloInstanceInPlace
  • Isolate Item and Instances


  • Bugfix on Radial Sweep Local that wasn't working if the Reference System was already defined.


  • New Locator on Meshes via Locator To Shape Vertical Popover Menu.


  • Groups Reordering Top/Down to Set Bake Pairs grouping feature.
  • New command added via Right Click Item Context Menu:
  • Create Pairs from Highpoly Mesh


  • 3 New Mouse Over Commands:
  • Star Triple Flat
  • Rebuild Radial Flat
  • Rebuild Radial Tube
Download the last update here.

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