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SMONSTER V2 Kit - Updated to rev 502

Hi little monsters.

Take a look a the latest release of Smonster.

Glad you enjoy the tools.

best regards,Franck


v2.502 - 2021/04/30


  • Global BugFix on Delete command in Modo (that was asking for confirmation to delete Items / Component. (updated on Macro and Scripts))
  • Switched CAD Tools / UV / VeNom Kits from Lazy Select (Seneca Menard scripts) workflow to Built-in Select CoPlanar Polygons command Introduced in recent release of Modo.
  • Better Performance in mentioned Kits.
  • No More headache on Initialize CAD / UV / Venom kit procedure. (Runs smoothly right after the installation.)


  • BugFix to support meshes with rotations (different than 0, 0 ,0). Local Space supported over World Space.


  • Reference System Support (when it is defined on current Item in Local Mode and Component Mode)
  • and Auto selection Support in Component Mode (if you wasn't selecting the mesh before it will select it for you).
  • Mirror / Slice / Radial Array / Booleans / Radial Sweep / Flip On Axis


  • New command added via Right Click Item Context Menu:
  • SMO GC SoloInstanceInPlace (Now select back the original Item instead of the Instance)
  • New SMO GC ReleaseFromIsolate
  • Select Menu form updated to use the new Select CoPlanar Polys command


  • Star Triple Flat (Reference System Support)
  • Rebuild Radial Flat (Reference System Support)
  • Rebuild Radial Tube (Reference System Support)


  • New Options for Create Bake Pairs from HighPoly Mesh
  • Create or Transfer VertexNormalMap from HighPoly to LowPoly
  • Activate the Reference System on LowPoly
  • Isolate current Bake Pairs in Viewport
  • Updated the Pop Over Menu to expose more options that was previously visible only via Preferences


  • Unwrap Smart / Planar / Cylindrical commands (Reference System Support)
  • Added the link to UV Preferences in Tail Menu.
  • Bugfix on UV tools (Unwrap tools). (In case you wasn't selecting the Item first and worked directly in Polygon Mode. (Now he commands automatically select it for you at least if you have one Polygon Selected.)
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