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SMONSTER V2 Kit - Updated to rev 510

Hi little monsters.

Take a look a the latest release of Smonster.

best regards,Franck


v2.510 - 2021/05/04


• CAD / GAME CONTENT / MIFABOMA / CLEANUP got some Bugfix when user was using their own Copy / Paste / Deselect mode in preferences.


• RADIAL SWEEP (Local) - Process from High Poly Option added (to Rebuild topology from HighPolyMesh Data. Require Edges profile selection and Polygons area to be removed in the process).

• Added the Preferences link on top of Tail Menu Pop Over.

• Bugfix on Booleans (that left unwanted Polygon Selection Sets after using the command).


• UnbevelPolyLoop rewriten (ctrl-k and ctrl-shift-k commands).

• Bugfix - Remapping.

• Bugfix - StarTriple now works again on multiple selected islands, like it was expected to do.

• Bugfix - SelectCoplanar Poly.

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