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SMONSTER V2 Kit - Updated to rev 540

Hi little monsters.

Take a look a the latest release of Smonster.

best regards,Franck


v2.540 - 2021/05/17


  • Added Item / Poly / Edge / Vertex - Right Click Context Menu with Smonster Commands


  • Boolean command is now preserving the current visible Items in the viewport when run.

RIZOMUV Livelink:

  • Bugfix: In case you wasn't exporting Meshes fully triangulated, MODO 15.0vx wasn't getting proper UV data as it was exporting the mesh triangulated instead of preserving the Mesh Topology (Square and Ngons).


  • New Command: Rebuild Closed Polystrip.
  • New Command: CopySelectionAsChildOfCurrentMesh.
  • New Command: Merge CoPlanarPoly to replace old system on "Delete In... menu".
  • RebuildWithCube and RebuildWithCylinder Open / Closed / Hole script now support Reference System workflow.
  • RebuildWithCube and RebuildWithCylinder Open / Closed / Hole now support Item Auto Selection in Component Mode (if you wasn't selecting the mesh before it will select it for you).
  • Rebevel - RebuildWithCylinder / RebuildWithCube are now Wrapped Commands.
  • MergeCoplanarPoly Update on Forms.
  • Bugfix: Rebevel was lefting over an edge selection set, now it doesn't left over things (leading to better compatibility).
  • Bugfix: Delete Selection Set Item for RebuildPolyStrip / RebuildCylinder / Rebevel (Clear Tag).


  • Load custom UV Checker texture was added to the Smart Projection PieMenu (Different resolution available: 512px, 1024, 2048, 4096).


  • Hard Chamfer Presets to Edge Right Click Context Menu.
  • Added PrimGenCylinder Commands. (create a new mesh, and create a cylinder with defined arguments)
  • Disabled Split By Material from GC Pie Menu, to solve unwanted computation. now it's available from the Vertical Menu. (ctrl- shift- q)
  • Bugfix on forms (Vertical Menu Update).


  • Added Rename All Instance by Source Mesh Name command.
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