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SMONSTER V3 Kit released - Dev reminder

Hi little monsters.

This is the new Thread for talking about Smonster v3.x development as i'm turning on to future of Modo 16 series. Of course All existing users of Smonster v1 and v2 have access to it as a free upgrade as usual.

For any new features you can subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Twitter.

Also the new Help Documentation is available online.
It's growing steady and i hope it will help as many owners as i can.

Take care,

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New coming features to v3.1 (under development):

QuickTag - Set ColorID (by SelectionSet and Constant) over each Polygon Islands in a given Mesh.

I have implemented another command to Batch process the assignment over all a scene in both By Item or even By Islands (connected Polygons island in given mesh)

Update Log:

v3.00 - 2022/03/03

  • Initial Commit to New Release V3.
  • It now support Modo 15.0 to 16.X releases with 100% Compatibility.
  • All further developments will focus on support from Modo 15.0v1 to 16.X. By the way you're free to load it on earlier releases of Modo (from 14.0), but i won't provide any bugfix on earlier release of Modo than 15.0v1 from 2022 March 3th in order to get my focus on Future plans for Modo 16.X series.


  • New Command --> EdgeBoundarySimpleFuse to fuse (without Projection) an Open Edge Boundary loop ( V Norm data is kept from BG Mesh of set Self if mouse over empty area in viewport).
  • New Command --> SplitUDIMtoMesh to separate a mesh based on UDIM Polygons layout. It create New Mesh Layers, using target Mesh Name + PrefixName + UDIM ID from current selected Mesh.
  • Bugfixes on EdgeBoundaryProjectToBGnFuse to support Self Project onto same mesh. Also hiding other meshes for TransferVNData automatically
  • Transfer VNorm from BG Mesh now have an option to "Lock" edited component when the command is used. Toggle is set to off by default. It is located in the GC Options under Modo Preferences Window.
  • Layout change in right click Context Menus to add more options and commands.

RIZOMUV Livelink:

  • MODO 15.2v2 Support
  • RizomUV 2022.0 Support
  • Bugfix for those who also are using Vertex Normals maps in their workflow. In any case the kit won't update in Modo you could still open the Temp FBX File in order to get back all the data from Materials to VNrm to UV's of course.


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