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SMONSTER v3.X is now Free for Everyone, Freelance and Studios

Hi everyone.

Today i'm releasing the SMONSTER Kit to public for everyone, Freelance and Studios.
This kit is production ready.
If you want to contribute to the development you can.
Give financial support, i'd appreciated that.

(I must precise that i will still add things to it in a near future, so please don't consider it as an abandon-ware. I've spent too many time building it to let it go.)

It's been about 5 years now that i've started to learn Python Scripting over my spare time. It was a though work for a simple 3D Artist, but i won't regret anything i've discovered during that time. It was a great journey, along those years and i will continue to explore that as a Technical Artist. I've wrapped up about ~250 commands for Modo along many other scripts and UI development. MODO is a hub for me since 2006 and i've got plenty of pleasure using it along other tools. Some have been so important to my pipeline that i've integrated some Livelink kits for them, like RizomUV, Marmoset Toolbag or Pixaflux.

To use it at your profit, you can install it in two ways:


Enjoy the tools and please give some feedback on Foundry Forum thread or preferably via our Dedicated Slack.

Thanks to the wonderful Modo community and the PixelFondue Contributor Team that have gave me a lot of support on this achievement.

Best regards, Franck Elisabeth.

Special Thanks:


Extriple Team and especially 김주희.

Pixel Fondue Team

William Vaughan, Greg Leuenberger, Shawn Frueh, Ymmanuel Flores, Yazan Malkosh, Wes McDermott, Adam OHern, Eric Soulvie, Ellery Connell, Simon Lundberg, Rich Hurrey, Lukasz Pazera, Richard Yot, Mario Baldi, Lauren Thomas, Volker Troy, Ed Ferrari, Alexander Kucera, Fredrik Widman, James Darknell, Ryan Ernst, Pascal Nocquet, Steve White, Matt Meersbergen, Pedro Alpiarça dos Santos.

Foundry Team

Brad Peebler, Shane Griffith, Greg Brown, Joe Angell, James O'Hare, Matt Cox, Ben Halling, Dejan Javanovic, Yoshiaki Tazaki, Mike Jensen, Michael McCarthy, Duncan Hopkins, Andrew Brown, Chris Hague, Milos Bullat, Darrel Anderson.

Modo Community

Seneca Menard, Cristóbal Vila, Mateusz Losinski, Daniel Potuznik, Kai, Alexander Shmakov, Volker Troy, Ricky Scharneck, Warren L, Dino Zanco, Ola Haldor Solvik Voll, Pierre Dubertrand, Dominiek De Ridder, Yoshikai Yuji, Kashif C Rilley, Keith, Oliver Hotz, Robert Lechl, Rodesqa, Pascal Labillois, Leif Mariussen, Leonard Billeke, Francois Caillaud, Felix Leyendecker, Jordan Cain, Elliot Sharp, Dmytro Holub, Thiago Carneiro, Thomas Groppi, Thomas Cheng, Tim Crowson, Dominique Piccinato, Steve Hill, Dmitry Bersenev, Kjell Emanuelsson, Remi Brouet, Mark Tomlinson, Timothee Yeramian, Maxime Rouca, Rouven Miller, Tom Dymond, 이범희, Joost Spek, Chris Fritsche, Esa Nietula, Vladimir Leleiva, Yuya Takeda, Srecko Micic, Sergio Mucino, Jörg-Mark Kasassoglou, Jawad Altabtabai, Sergio Madeira, Andras Vigyazo, Andreas Rånman, Ian Brown, Michele Faccoli, Iyad Horani, Erwin Zwart, Edward Erickson, Bart Van Doornik, Cem Tezcan, Joseph Senti, Sébastien Grégoire, Scott Neece, Gep, Peter Sims, Chris O'Riley, Gaurav Mathur, Gerard Falla, Gideon Klindt, Luciano Daluz, Jerome Lebrun, Tomasz Lechocinski, Warren, Neil M, Daniel Brok, Martin, Mario Manganelli, Mark White, Martin Kramme Guldbaek, Baroba, Luca Giarrettino, Marcus Kjeldsen, Martin Oberg.

(not exhaustive list for sure :^D)


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