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DyneRR - Update 1.72 - Bug Fix and New Tutorial video

DyneRR aka Dynamic Render Region for Modo

Hi my fellows.

DyneRR aka Dynamic Render Region for Modo got a welcome update.

Bugfix and a new tutorial video (good fullHD resolution now through Youtube)

I apologize for those of you who've got some issue with the previous release. I'm really sorry about that false start. In consequence, i will do a discount of 20 % from now.

(I'm really paying attention to your's as it was my first product on gumroad)


Fixed the Aspect ratio bug if you were using a ratio of 1.5 for the render (1920 x 1280 pix). So now you can use any resolution you want.

Fixed a Bug in the Render Margin that was not updating the RenderRegion in Vertical values.

I hope now it will be a good time saver for your renders.

please let me know if you have any questions and / or feedback.

Best regards, Franck / <smoluck>

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