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Updated SMONSTER (rev 345) - for MODO 13 and Up

Hi everyone !

Here is a new update to celebrate 2021 with huge stuff for Marmoset Livelink.

Have a good week, take care.


SMONSTER Club Members can get the update here.

SMONSTER (Kit Only) Owners can get the update here.

I'd appreciate a lot if you (owners) can give your Stars Rating over SMONSTER via your library page.

Fast demo video of rev 314.

Update Log:

rev 345 - 2021/01/18

Marmoset Toolbag LiveLink:

  • Automatic Bake at data load.
  • Automatically close Marmoset after Bake is finished
  • Automatically save a Marmoset Scene file as backup of the current Data processed
  • Bugfix on Bake File Output that was asking to user to create the file.
  • Added Item Index Style Prefs to be sure the Marmoset and Bake Renaming will work by using Underscore system.
  • Now 4 Output File format type are supported ( PSD , JPG , TGA, PNG )
  • Now Posibility to define your own Baked File Name Prefix for the bakes.
  • Baked File Name Prefix Presets:
  • 3 Presets available and more to come. (SMOLUCK / Substance Painter Default / Vladimir Leleiva)
  • Now Ability to define your Normal Map workflow. OpenGL to DirectX or OpenGL to OpenGL

UV Tools:

  • Added a new command: Unwrap_By_SharpEdge to quickly unwrap buildings an other man made props.

Game Content:

  • Get back the Senemodo Supertaut piemenu on Ctrl+Alt + L if you have this kit.


  • Added cleanup function smo.Cleanup.ConvertItemIndexStyleSceneWise and updated smo.Cleanup.FullAutoCleanup to support it.
Rate the tools too.

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